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Thirty Seconds to Mars changed me.

I’m Amy Nutty, i’m 15 years old girl and I never really knew anything about Thirty Seconds to Mars. I knew they were a band which sung ‘heavy metal’ music, but I didn’t know who they were, or what they did as a band. I never used to like that kind of music, I never even tried it. I listened to what everyone else listened to.. the rappers.. the boy bands.. I was scared I would seem weird if I listened to anything else. Then one day after I had a really bad day at school, I came home and started searching up new music. On Youtube, I came across a video that I had never seen before, ‘The Kill’. It looked really interesting, so I opened it up and began to listen. That one song right there changed my whole perspective on music, and on life. I replayed it over 100 times that day. The ironic thing is, I didn’t actually realise that it was Thirty Seconds to Mars who sang the song, I didn’t even think to check. I just knew that I loved it. My best friend told me that a really good band Thirty Seconds to Mars were playing in Abu Dhabi on the 11th of March and she really wanted to go see them. We lived in Qatar, a small Middle Eastern country, not too far away from Abu Dhabi. I agreed to go with her, but solely because I wanted to go shopping in the amazing malls over there. 

The next week, we were in Abu Dhabi. I was excited for the concert, but I was still completely unaware of who they were. We had bought the cheapest tickets we could get, so we were right at the very back of the arena. The lights dimmed and the most beautiful man ran onto the stage full of love and energy. It was Jared Leto. I actually screamed, he was so beautiful. Everyone around me just scared at me like I was insane. It was clear that the people at the back of the arena were not massive fans of the band. A man ran up to me with a ticket, and he told me to go to the VIP section. He gave me the golden ticket and told me to run. The songs they sung were… indescribable. I had never heard anything like it before. As I sprinted into the VIP area, Jared started singing again… and this time I actually knew the song. It was The Kill. I started crying. I felt stupid for not realizing that it was Thirty Seconds to Mars who sung this beautiful song. By the end of the night, I had managed to get from the very back of the arena to the front of the stage, and I even managed to get on stage for Kings and Queens. Thirty Seconds to Mars have gotten me through all the tough times in my life; their songs helped me cope during my Chronic Depression and helped me live another day. I will always be thankful to them for helping me enjoy life and not care about what others think of me. Jared, Shannon, Tomo… I love you guys so much.

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voce é brasileira ?


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  Name: Jeniffer Perdonelli
  Rio De janeiro, Brazil

   One word mars mean to me: Dream
   I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson on the time that I listened to the band for the first time. so I had tons of friends that used to like of him(michale Jackson), but in that time I have meet a girl that she was a huge fan of thirty seconds to mars, and she showed me some photos of them and I fell in love with the band at the first sight, I remember that on that day I was celebrating my birthday. So ”meet” the band on that day was something special for me,because they were my birthday gift, actually they were the best birthday gift I have ever received. After that day I started to listen to the band and so on. The first song that I listened from the band was ”The kill”, that was the song that have started my love for the band. After ”the kill” I started to listen to their second album (A beautiful Lie)and after the second album I started to listen the first one (that is my favorite one)and then I meet the echelon and these things happened on March 13th of 2007 and always when I’m celebrating My birthday, I am celebrating the fact that I am an echelon neither.

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Full Name: Robyn Finch, 16

Location: Gravesend (London) UK

When/How you got into Mars: About 4 years ago. I started liking them through the song ‘the kill’  

One word Mars means to you: Inspiring 

11th July 2011 5:40
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Full Name: Valeria Valencia 

Location: Colombia

When/How you got into Mars: Last year. A friend told me about them, she said: YOU MUST LISTEN TO MARS!

Age: 16

One word Mars means to you: believe



30STM was INSANE. Let’s start for the beginning, the line, all the echelon together. Was amazing to met people who love what I love, who believe in what I believe. I made new friends, friends who helped me to “survive” that day. In the line didn’t sell food, not even water! I was so hungry, but my new friends, I dont know how, brought me some food. It was raining, seemed like the sky was falling down, all my clothes got wet, my hair was a mess… Finally, the time passed, we could enter to the stadium, the people were crazy, they were pushing me all the time, and it wasn’t even started! I couldn’t breath. Everything was dark, but it was starting, the best day of my life was starting. Shannon appeared, he was in front of me! 

Oh escape. All the crazy people who wanted to be in front, including me, were pushing too much. I felt 3 times. 

Time to escape… 

Oh sweet jesus I heard only 3 words and all my body melted, I couldn’t find Jared, I couldn’t see! The lights! thanks god I saw  Jared! a white light was over him, and Tomo, he looked like jesus. I can’t find the words to describe the feelings that I felt that night, I was full of happiness, smiling like an idiot all the time. 

"This is war" I screamed like Jared said, as loud as I could. Jared screamed Jump jump jump and well, I did it. The crowd were crazy! I didn’t care if I couldn’t breath. My heart was beating so fast I thought that I was going to die.



the sound of the drums, the chords of the guitars, Jared’s voice, like an angel even that he was sick. Jump, dance and sing NOTH in that moment with my heroes in front of me  was beautiful. Everything was perfect, i didn’t care the pushes, i didnt care anything. They were playing amazing, jared was singing beautiful, and the best thing was, even that they didn’t sold all the tickets, they conected with us, and made a concert  like we were 100000 people. 

A beautiful lie, Attack.. my legs hurt but I still jumping,  screaming and singing. 

Vox populi

this is a battle song, brothers and sisters, time to go to war… sang it with all the echelon was beautiful because we are a family indeed and I could felt all these family ties that will be forever.

The acoustic part,  3 words: perfect, unique and magical.


From yesterday

we sang so loud that Jared couldn’t heard himself, he stopped and looked us with his stunning eyes, he was surprised.


I remember when jared sang Alibi, I cried like a complete idiot, I felt something, something beautiful, I felt complete, alive, happy… Alibi is perfect, the lyrics… is true.. I fell apart but I got back up again. I’m not lying if I say that this song keeps me alive, I always hear Alibi when I’m sad because makes me feel better, makes me dream about a new begining, because even if you are tired, even if your dreams are broken, even if you feel lonely, even if you want to cut yourself or something worst, you dont do it, you are not alone, you have to keep fighting for what you believe and what you want, there is always someone who cares about you. And when i heard alibi I notice it.


“I wanna do something special,  because is Colombia, you know?”, Jared said, and started playing a new song: Hallelujah

The kill

This song define me, means a new begining for me, because the first time i heard it i was so unhappy, but after the kill, after heard the part when jared screams THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM, everything fixed and now I’m proud of who I am, I’m happy, because i’m not lying myself trying to be what the others want, this is me. In the concert I screamed so loud, the tears appeared… 

Come, break me down, burry me burry me, I am finished with you, look in my eyes, your killing me killing me…

I love when jared screams, and he screamed a lot in Colombia… he jumped to the crowd and I was so close to him! so damn close, so close to perfection! was jbkdchjvdbm! yes, no words can’t describe it. 


Closer to the edge

One of the most inspiring songs in the world. And be there, singing and sharing that amazing moment with them was beautiful.

Nobody can understand what I felt when jared said this is your time, and we screamed NO NO NO NO! I WILL NEVER FORGET NO NO I WILL NEVER REGRET NO NO I WILL LIVE MY LIFE.


"Jump and Touch the sky Colombia" Jared said, and I started crying, because I felt that I could touch the sky, I felt something, like a “power”  and I jumped so high, and yes, I touched the sky with all these people.  All the magic, all the feelings combined, I touched the sky thanks to Jared, Tomo, Shannon and the echelon. 

After Closer to the edge Jared said goodbye and I was like what the fuck?  you guys have to play Hurricane! 2 minutes later the guys appeared again and guess what song they played… yes, hurricane.  Jared took the Colombian flag,  the moment that all we were waiting for, beautiful.


Kings and Queens

This is it, this is the last song, is gonna end- I thought. I didnt have the opportunity to go on stage, but was perfect to sing K&Q in the crowd. 


The end, after that I felt so sad and so empty, I thought: ok, I just lived the best day of my life, now what?… Nothing can compares to a concert, really, you felt happy, full, ALIVE. 


Thank you 30stm for make me felt alive for the first time in my life.


I’m really sorry, i did my best but is too long :0 tasha do your magic please! 

gonna send my photo to your email 

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Full Name: Kianna Davis

Location: Newport News, Virginia

Age: 20

One word Mars means to you: Solace.

When/How you got into Mars: 2003.  My mom took me to see the movie The Core.  Right when the credits started playing, this beautiful song started to play and I made my mom let me stay in the theater so I could hear all of it.  The song was “Echelon.” 

My story:  I’ve always known I was a unique person.  I wasn’t a normal kid because I was way more interested in watching shuttle launches than watching cartoons and I loved learning about the different planets.  I was bullied from 1st grade through 12th grade because I was different – I was an African American girl who had the highest grades, a small gap in her teeth, big lips, and I just happened to listen to rock music once in a while.  In my school, that was basically a death sentence because it wasn’t “normal.”  I got accustomed to being harassed, but I silently hated myself for being that way.  I just wanted to feel welcome like everyone else seemed to be.

My mom submitted my name to NASA for a microchip going to Mars when I was in 5th grade and I was suddenly obsessed with learning everything possible about Mars.  None of my friends understood why I was so excited about it, but I loved the idea of my name being in a place where no one had been before.  I stumbled upon 30STM a few years later, in probably the most random manner ever, but I’ve always felt that it happened for a reason.  The first time I ever heard a 30 Seconds to Mars song, everything just made sense – I didn’t find the music, it found me.   

I’m treated like the black sheep in my family for many of the reasons I was bullied in school – I’m not “normal” enough for them.  My mom didn’t let me go to shows until I was in high school because she didn’t agree with me listening to rock music of any kind, but I was always blasting the music in my room anyway.  Over the years, I’ve found friends who also love 30 Seconds to Mars and now it feels like I have an extra family whenever mine fails to give me the support I need.  I can be myself around them.

I’m now 20 years old and I’m about to enter my junior year of college with a full scholarship.  I’ve let go of all the bullying and harassment in my past and I’ve become comfortable with who I am.  I’m a huge space nerd, I probably love Lady Gaga too much, but most importantly I’m part of the Echelon.  I’ve stopped letting others tell me I’m not “cool enough” or “pretty enough.”  I’m a queen.  I feel like the music and the Echelon have always been there to back me up if I ever started doubting myself and that’s why I’ve stayed around for almost 10 years.  My Triad necklace never leaves my neck – it’s like I carry you all with me, like you’re my protectors.  I’ve found myself through you and that’s all I’ve ever really needed.  I love you.  Thank you.

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The best thing to happen in my life!

OH MY GOD! I’m so excited about this book its unreal! Any way, my name is jenny gisby and i’m 16, i live in england and one word that describes 30 seconds to mars to me is phenomenal!
I first started listening to 30 Seconds To Mars when i was 12 years old and I can honestly say its the best thing i did. Their music just seems to be able to describe exactly how i feel at any given time.
When I was 14 I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome which is a condition that affects my muscles, ligaments and collagen. It leaves me in a lot of pain and no matter how much physio i’ve had they still hurt so much. But when I listen to 30 Seconds To mars it just seems to take the pain away and I feel so alive I believe i can do anything!
On the 19th of February 2010 was the night of my first gig, and guess what…. it was a 30 Seconds To Mars, and I can honestly say it was the best night of my life! I stood up for the whole night despite the fact that I thought my hips where going to break, but I was determined to show my support and how much they mean to me!  As soon as ‘Escape’ started playing, the bass and sound were controlling my heartbeat and I just felt completely save and at ease! When Jared started talking I cried because I couldn’t believe that I was hearing the voice of one of my idols. Tomo and Shannon were amazing as well and they are mentally part of my life, and will be forever!
I’ve kept the ticket from the night and stuck it on my wall next to my bed so when I wake up and go to sleep its the last and first thing I see.  
This band never seem to amaze me! I thought “The Kill” was an outstanding but “This is war” was just ….wow! Words can’t describe who good this album is, every song is special to me in some way. This band completes me, and I don’t think i’ll ever stop listening them, and if I do, its because i’ll be dead, but I  hope that’s a long way off yet!

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Came across this if you need any more art stuff

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Name and Surname: Ipek Potur



When/How you got into Mars:It all happened two years ago. I was watching a fan made video about some series,and i heard a song. It was “The Kill”. I searched the song and listened,loved it. since that day,i’ve been an Echelon. 

One word Mars means to you:Everything.

Well,i was feeling all alone at school. I had friends yeah and they thought we were so close but we were actually not. We were seeing each other everyday but it was all like,my sould wasn’t with them. Sometimes they were acting like i didn’t even exist. This hurt me a lot. I wanted to run away. I wanted to escape. I tried to talk to my mom. It helped me a bit more but that wasn’t what i want. And then,i found 30 Seconds to Mars. They’ve became a light for me. They showed me a way i should go on.

I’ve never been a depressive girl. I’m kinda happy all the time actually but this shit about my friends really hurt me. I can’t even explain how Mars helped me about it. They’ve became a friend for me. They’ve became a family. I’ve never been alone since the day when i met them. They are in every moment in my life. I fall asleep with their songs,when i eat,when i brush my teeth,when i sit,when i cry,when i smile,when i even breathe,i listen to their songs. I do everything with their songs. Just like,their songs are the background music of my life. I’m so happy for i’ve met them. I’m so thankful.


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My submission :)

Lauren May Cox

19, from Wolverhampton, England

Discovered Mars in 2006

One word Mars means to me: LIFE.

30 Seconds to Mars have simply saved my life. I’ve loved them since I heard ‘Attack’ back in 2006, but on boxing day of 2008, I lost my Mum suddenly and I was in quite a bad place, I’d even considered ending my life. Most of 2009 went in a blur but then ‘This is War’ was released and it brought me back from the brink. The whole album gave me so much hope and it breathed new life into me. One song that especially stood out for me was ‘Alibi’ and I got the lyrics tattooed in early 2011. I saw the band live in 2008, and then three times in 2010. It was such an emotional experience for me, especially when Jared played ‘Alibi’ in Cardiff but although it was emotional, and yes, there were tears, I felt so at home amongst the thousands of Echelon and I truly felt like for the first time in 2 years, I had some sort of family again. Of course no one will replace my Mum but I know I’ve always got the Echelon supporting me. I just want to say thank you to the band for giving me this wonderful family and for putting happiness back into my life.